Tp and co's vision is to inspire an empire of free spirits, with a penchant for the luxurious. We bring the 'It' factor to each event, and transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Whatever you're hoping for, we will go above and beyond to ensure you get it.


Work with Tp and co in making your vision come true. Whether or not you have a space in mind, Tp and co will help to meticulously choose an incredible landscape that will soon have a special place in your heart. The logistics behind it all will be handled, and we will plan your chosen vendors to create and execute all the things you need not worry yourself with.


Conceptualising only the very best spaces means there is no room for compromise. Local vendors that resonate with Tp and cos's next level flair are favoured and recommended. At your fingertips - the flowers, the food, the music and everything in between can be found in our event kit!


Tp and co are there to sort, pre-empt and sort all that goes on behind the scenes. This is your day, and the essentials are taken care of. Tp and co will set up the day prior, take down the day following, and work to suit your chosen venue's requirements.