All The Pros Of A Blank Canvas Wedding

Opting for a blank canvas venue can seem daunting as starting from scratch sounds like a lot of work. But, we disagree completely! When you decide to go for a blank canvas wedding, it means you have total control over your special day. For those who have a vision, which let's be honest is most of us, and want to see it come to life better than what you could have imagined, going blank canvas is the only way!

But, what is a blank canvas wedding?

Essentially, going blank canvas is literally just that - choosing a venue, space, tent or marquee that acts as an 'empty shell' where you can make it your own in any way you like, allowing your personalised couple style to really come out and shine. You can call all the shots when it comes to style, vendors, food and bev, florals - it's all up to you!

Our Kata Tipis and Sperry Tents are most commonly used in a blank canvas style, where our clients have full control over the elements that go inside and outside their tent, and the type of reception they want. Whether it be a relaxed cocktail style reception with lots of moody lights and chilled seating, or a formal dining soiree with long tables and an epic outdoor dance floor, it's all possible, and it's all your choice. Of course, we will help guide you when needed as well as point you in the right direction of some great vendors that suit your preferred style. That's the beauty of a blank canvas marquee or tent - your wish is our command!

We've outlined some of the many important benefits that come with opting for a blank canvas wedding:

1. Full Creative Control

If you are one of the people who fall in love with the idea of starting from scratch and have a Pinterest board filled to the brim with inspo pics, and a detailed vision in their head you have been dying to bring to life, then this is the way to go. You have total creative control in a blank canvas option, where you can put your stamp on every little aspect of your day. Your wedding day should be a reflection of you and significant other, where you can hero certain elements that you both love, and not worry so much about the things you don't.

2. No Cookie Cutter Wedding

We just aren't into the cookie cutter thing here, that's why we pride ourselves on the fact that our tents and marquees are the perfect blank canvas option. We can do customised floor plans, ligthing configurations and a mood board to suit your dream style down to a tee. Going blank canvas means you start from scratch and build every element from start to finish. You will never receive package deals or templates from any decent blank canvas venue or tent provider, instead they should work alongside you to create something original and totally magical.

3. Dream Team of Vendors

You are not bound to use any particular vendor when you go blank canvas (sometimes you have to use a specific caterer or marquee at particular venues that aren't blank canvas), which means you have the opportunity to hand pick your dream team of vendors. You'll most likely already have your eye on some of your stand-out favourite vendors depending on your desired aesthetic. Most vendors will provide some recommendations of great vendors they have worked with in the past, or who they think would be best to help you achieve what you are after. Having a team of people who know your vibe like the back of their hand, and are all committed to your day makes your planning process a dream!

4. Budget

The best part about having full control over your day is being across your budget. You are able to prioritise which vendors/elements you want to spend a little more on, and vice versa, where you can choose to cut back on other components that aren't as crucial to executing your vision. For example, if you really want to create that 'wow-factor' in your tipi, we would recommend prioritising your florals so can create an awesome hanging install from the centre poles!

5. Event Management

If you're totally sold on going blank canvas for your big day, and you have a vision in mind that you are ready to execute, but the only thing holding you back is time, no worries! You can always bring an event planner on board to execute your vision, as well as to control all vendors involved. It is important to make sure that all of your vendors are on the same page with floor plans and final execution and an event planner is the perfect way to take the stress out of planning as you put your trust in them to ensure the day runs smoothly. They are the professionals, so let them do their thing!

Venue Recommendations in Perth:

If you're in the Perth area, we've listed below some of our favourite blank canvas venues where our Giant Tipis and Sperry Tents work an absolute treat!

Matilda Bay Reserve, Crawley - a gardenesque blank canvas with great versatility and natural goodness. Not to mention epic views of the foreshore and Perth CBD and being centrally located, what more could you want?

University of Western Australia, Crawley - With multiple venues on offer, each space is different and offers a unique vibe depending on what you are after. UWA is centrally located being just minutes from the Swan River and Perth CBD.

Olive Farm Wines, Swan Valley - A secluded space with a rustic feel away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This space is surrounded by bushland and stunning rural landscape, perfect for those looking for wide open space!

Brookleigh Estate, Swan Valley - A stunning space that oozes country style. Situated in the heart of the Swan Valley and surrounded by rustic greenery, this venue is guaranteed to transform you out of the city and into a dreamy oasis!

Photography Credits:

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