Things To Consider When Planning Your Outdoor Event

Here, we highlight all of the important practical elements that you should consider when planning your outdoor event. From site selection to planning the configuration of your space, it's the practical side of things that really ensure your night runs smoothly and your event reaches its full potential!

Site Selection

When choosing a site, ask the following questions, especially if you plan on using a tipi, marquee or structure of any kind:

> Is the ground relatively flat? Or, is there a relatively flat area for your tipi or marquee?

>Is the ground penetrable, AND is the ground allowed to be penetrated for a structure setup?

>Are there any surrounding low-laying trees that may hinder the space for your marquee?

>Will there be vehicle access for your vendors?

>Is there power on site? How many of your vendors will be needing access to this power or will they supply their own?

These questions can most commonly be answered by a venue representative (if you are opting for a private space), or from the council (if you are opting for a public space). Otherwise if you are unsure, a site visit can always be organised by your marquee vendors. They can check out the space and ensure setup can be executed smoothly.


Making sure you get that perfect balance of lighting for your outdoor event is crucial! You want to ensure that the space is nicely illuminated for guests to see what they are doing, but staying consistent with that ambient vibe you are looking to achieve with any outdoor event. We always recommend draping plenty of festoon lighting throughout surrounding trees, and of course along the exterior of your tipi or marquee if you are having one to create that moody vibe that heroes the starry sky above.


If you are opting for a tipi or marquee, think about what you'd like inside, and outside. You want to make sure there is a nice balance of 'inside' and 'outside' areas for guests to mingle amongst so both spaces feel seamless and somewhat connected. This is a chance to get creative and let your vision come to life. Remember, celebrating under the stars is an unforgettable element of your event so try to hero it! You could do this by having your bar or dance floor outside, plenty of cocktail style furniture with the addition of a few fire pits scattered around for guests to congregate around and hang out and star gaze. This will also optimise the space inside your tipi or marquee for dining and/or undercover seating options. Of course, any decent marquee vendor will be able to suggest and assist you in creating the perfect floor plan set up for your outdoor event.

Weather Contingency

Of course having a back-up plan if the weather decides to turn should go without saying! Having a tipi or marquee means you already have a weatherproof space for guests to continue the party in if the weather goes bad. Just make sure your marquee is large enough for all guests to be able to fit. If you aren't opting for a marquee on your day, perhaps look into getting some last minute pricing on one, to be able to fall back on as a last minute change.

Practicality is just as important as style and aesthetics, especially when it comes to outdoor events! If you take the above tips on board then we guarantee your vendors will love you for it, and you can trust that your event will run smoothly. Of course every outdoor space is different, and will require different levels of involvement and management. Once you have the practical elements sorted, then you can get super creative with styling up the space to create something totally unforgettable. It's worth it, and we will say it's the best way to go, every single time!

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