Our Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips

Our top tips to ensure a stress-free day for you and your significant other. They say your wedding day is meant to be the best day of your life, so why not actually make it that way - unforgettable and stress-free!

So you're engaged and ready to start planning your big day! Yay, let the planning begin! As exciting as it is, it can seem very daunting and stressful at times with all of those elements to consider. The to-do lists start to grow you aren't sure where to start. Not to mention the added pressure of this being one of the best days of your life, you obviously want to make it extra special for you, and for your guests whom you've invited to share in your special day!

Well we are here to take the stress out and ensure you have the best day possible! We have outlined our top tips to help you get through the whole process.

1. Get yourself a planner or stylist

We can't stress enough how invaluable a wedding planner or stylist will be to you. Organised and super professional, you can trust they will bring your vision to life. They are experts in their field and are so totally prepared that they will probably think of details you may have overlooked. They are creative and have amazing relationships in the industry. You can trust that they will make your day better than anything you could have done yourself!

2. Try and stick to your budget

It's so easy to want more and more, but no-one else but you will know that you chose the slightly less expensive cutlery or linens. Set yourself a clear budget and try as hard as you can to stick to it. You could do this by prioritising certain elements that are super important to you such as your marquee or your florals, but look at shortcuts for those smaller details that aren't too crucial like the bridal cars, or your footwear that you probably won't see under your gown anyway!

3. Find inspiration from your favourite social media accounts

Take some time to scroll through Instagram and Pinterest and see what you can find. Make sure to save what you absolutely love so you can refer back to it later. We have been long time lovers of Hello May Magazine, The Lane, and Loho Bride.

4. Create a mood board

Jump on Pinterest and create a mood board that you can share with your stylist and/or vendors. This ensures everybody is on the same page with your vision. Include elements like colour palettes, florals you are loving, furniture examples, and photos of past weddings you've spotted.

5. Vendor relationships

Make sure you choose vendors who a) understand your vision and desired aesthetic, and b) you feel totally comfortable with them. There will be a lot of back and forth chatting as they establish your needs and wants. When you really get along with your vendors, you know that everybody is on the same page in bringing your vision to life in a stress-free and comfortable manner.

6. Entertainment between ceremony and reception

While you're getting your photos taken in between ceremony and reception, ensure you have options in place to keep the vibes high and get your guests ready to party! Keep the drinks flowing (make sure you have some nibbles too, you don't want people to peak too early!) to get everyone in party mode. Having some activities organised is also a great idea - we had some cricket sets and other outdoor games at our own wedding, as well as ongoing bevs and nibbles of course. It was a recipe for success, trust us on this one!

7. Set the mood with lighting

The right lighting will set the tone for the whole night, especially for an outdoor reception! Keep it moody, but still practical. Festoon and fairy lights make for sure perfect combination to create that romantic dimmed glow, but still provide enough light for guests to see what they are doing. Resourceful and emotive!

8. Prioritise your catering

We cannot stress enough the importance of investing in quality food AND plenty of it! In our opinion not having enough food is a total deal breaker and can be the deciding factor between an amazing and a not-so-amazing reception! Make sure to connect with a caterer who is trusted and can provide flexibility with their menus to suit your style perfectly.

9. Speeches

Important for entertainment but also for sentimental value. It's a rite of passage for those closest to you to celebrate how you much you mean to them. After all, they've been waiting for this day just as much you have! Remember to take a second and really enjoy the speeches, and relish that your nearest and dearest are together in one room simply just for you.

10. Expect the unexpected

At the end of the day, you can plan every single detail to a tee, but things will happen that are totally out of your control. Sometimes there's not much you can do about it but go with the flow and know that things will work out anyway! You don't want to be stressing about these little blips, when your guests will be having too much fun to notice anyway, and you should be too! Allow for a few errors here and there, and keep calm and carry on!

Our biggest take away from this would be to not get to get too caught up on the materialistic elements of the day and forget why you're really there. Be present, be calm and immerse yourself in all the feels of marrying the love your life! Happy planning, everybody!

Photography by James Simmons

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