Get To Know Our Sperry Tents

If you've been searching for an alternative to a regular marquee, something with sophistication and simplicity, well your search is over, Sperry Tents are the answer! We've laid out everything you need to know about our Sperry Tents so you can fall head over heels for them, just like we have.

Image by Ridhwaan Moolla

What is a Sperry Tent?

A serious step up from a regular marquee, Sperry Tents are a range of stunning hand-crafted tents that feature a sweeping sailcloth canopy supported by natural wooden poles, they create a signature look of understated sophistication and bring an element of Hamptons luxury to your event. As practical as they are beautiful, a Sperry Tent provides a breathable space for any kind of sit down feast or cocktail style soiree, and is completely weatherproof to keep you safe from all of the elements no matter the time of year.

Where do they come from?

Our tents are handcrafted from small-batch manufacturing all the way from coastal Massachusetts, USA (the serious professionals of luxury eventing!) where most of the work that goes into creating each and every Sperry Tent is still done by hand. Sperry Tents is a family owned business that prides itself on providing the best of the best to its clients all over the world.

Are there different sizes of Sperry Tents?

We can provide two different sizes of Sperry Tents depending on your event and capacity needs:

Oyster Sperry Tent - Versatile and spacious for your more sizeable celebrations

-22m x 10m (3 peaks)

-Capacity of 160 seated, or up to 250 cocktail style

Classic Round Tent - Perfect for those intimate gatherings

-10m in diameter (1 peak)

-Capacity of 70 seated, or up to 120 cocktail style

If you have a larger capacity, or just want to go all out with our Sperry Tents (we say go for it!), we are able to connect the Oyster Tent and Classic Round Tent together to create one large seamless space. You can use both tents as a dining space for long table feasting, or use the Classic Round Tent as space for the bar, and the Oyster Tent for your dining tables, or cocktail style furniture and dance floor. Plenty of options, with plenty of breathable space to make some magic and bring that 'wow-factor' to your event!

We can provide lighting, matting, a dance floor, fire pits, and clear detachable sides (should the weather decide to turn) to work with either Sperry Tent option you decide. Along with these extras, we can also assist in finding the perfect vendors to make your vision come to life, depending on your style and aesethic you are looking to achieve of course!

How is a Sperry Tent different from a regular marquee?

Sperry Tents provide an open, breathable space for any kind of gathering. The sweeping sailcloth canopy allows for plenty of air flow and natural light to come in. They do not have that stuffy "green-house feel" that regular marquees can create. This is a game-changer in the marquee market when it comes to our Aussie Summers, as there is nothing worse than feeling hot and confined on a hot afternoon in the peak Summer months.

We are the exclusive providers of Sperry Tents in Perth (see more of us at Sperry Tents Perth), meaning these tents do not saturate the market, making our tents a fresh, innovative choice amongst the conventional marquee options that you seem to see everywhere.

There is nothing generic or mass produced about our tents. Each and every Sperry Tent is personally inspected by Matt Sperry (the designer and lead craftsman of all Sperry Tents) before they leave the warehouse to ensure that every single detail is perfect. Attention to detail, and the desire to provide only the best quality product, is of the highest priority to the Sperry Tent family.

Our top tips for your Sperry Tent event:

-Take advantage of those beautiful timber poles and really create that wow-factor with a vertical floral installation. Work with your florist to design a simple installation to adorn one, or all of the poles that sit in the middle of the space. These vertical masterpieces will hero that sweeping sailcloth canopy and guide your guests' eyes upwards. They will be in total awe of the space above them, trust us.

-Get ambient with your lighting! We love to drape lengths of festoon or fairy lights from pole to pole inside the tent. It will create a super moody vibe for your event and look absolutely stunning in photos. Or, if you are opting for a sit-down event in our Sperry Tents, we would recommend a little extra lighting to ensure guests are able to see what they are eating. You want just the right balance for practicality and ambience.

-If you really want to do something that hasn't been done, opt for our Oyster Sperry Tent and one of our Kata tipi's together. We put them side by side, and use the Oyster tent for your sit-down meal area, or cocktail mingling and bar, and use the tipi for an epic dance floor area. This unforgettable combo is ideal for those who want to make some serious magic at their event!

-A configuration that we love, that is perfectly suited for a group of up to 120-130 guests cocktail style, in our Oyster Sperry Tent, is putting the dance floor down one end, and then your bar, and cocktail furniture up the other end. Perfect for any questionable weather turns, and it keeps everybody together in one large seamless space - great to keep the vibes high throughout the whole space, so no matter where you are situated in the tent, you'll always be involved in the party!

-If you are concerned about rain or wind, or simply want a side of your Sperry Tent sectioned off, we can add clear sides for you. The addition of our clear sides means you can opt for an event at anytime of the year no matter the weather, and still have a beautiful, spacious area to celebrate under the stars.

-We have a floor planning tool on our website Sperry Tents Perth where you can have a play with table configurations and different layouts. Get creative and make your own to suit all of your event needs, or check out our example floor plans to get you started. This is a great way to get acquainted with the space inside our Sperry Tents and get your planning juices flowing! Check it out here!

Photography credits to Sperry Tents Australia, Carly Tia Photography, Marnie Hawson and Ridhwaan Moolla