Our Giant Kata tipis are made from Scandinavian timber and neutral heavy duty canvas. They are 10m in diameter and stand at 7.5m high. All tipis can all be stitched together to form one seamless space. Our tipis are wind and waterproof, and amplify the beauty of our West Australian landscape. Contact us for pricing and more details: 

One Tipi
One Tipi

up to 130 guests cocktail

or 72 seated

Our most intimate space for parties and events 

Two Tipis
Two Tipis

up to 260 guests cocktail

or 144 seated

The perfect multi-use space;

bar and casual seating on one side, DJ and dancefloor on the other

Three Tipis
Three Tipis

more than 250 guests cocktail or 150 seated 

For the extravagant and extraordinary



Our Sperry tents are made from weatherproof crisp white sail cloth and offer an understated elegance and element of luxury. Unlike your traditional marquee it is a breathable space that makes all the elements bearable.

Tp and co are exclusive providers of Sperry Tents in Perth. Discover more here:

Oyster Tents
Oyster Tents (10x22m)

up to 260 cocktail, or up to 160 seated

Round Tent
Round Tent
(10m round)

40 to 60 guests seated


perfect for smaller events or as a utility tent

Clear Walls
Clear Walls

Detachable for all weather conditions



Tp and co can supply all the extra details that are needed to make your event amazing. We offer packages with some or all of what you want.

Neutral Hardy Matting

Neutral hardy matting for some added structure and refined practicality

Warm White Festoons and Fairy Lights

Warm white Festoons & Fairy Lights will brighten up your night

Long Timber Tables and Benches

Long Timber Tables and

Benches for those seated affairs

Kilim Rugs
Kilim Rugs

And runners...make your entrance unforgettable

Fire Pit
Fire Pit

Traditional Swedish fire pit that adds ambiance and warmth

Dance Floor
Dance Floors

Wouldn't be a party without one - dark or light oak 5x5m 



Tp and Co offer a full event management service to help you create a truly one of a kind event to suit any occasion. By giving you direct access to the most exclusive vendors and providing you with specialised support and guidance along the way, we can transform your event into a truly unique and personal experience.

Bow tie
Bridal Bouquet
A pair of sandals